The Students Feedback

Bursting to tell you. Reiki has embraced me. I just  love it. I have done 4 body massages and asked can I practice my Reiki. The feedback has been phenomenal. For the first time in my life I feel I know my purpose. . Thank you so much Gail.  TJ

Hello there Gail, its really lovely to hear from you. Yes,i am really really well,very happy and content. Reiki is the best thing i have ever done and i cant wait to come and see you on Monday. I have to say that ever since i visited you my dreams have been very vivid.I have also found that i have not been eating meat and i am eating a lot healthier. My lifestyle appears to have changed. I self heal every evening and i am in the process of looking for a treatment table.  Love BD.xx

Reiki is amazing. it is changing my life. TJ